A Time for Dancing

There’s a season for everything,” goes the book of Ecclesiastes, “a time for mourning and a time for dancing.” It seems like the two are back-to-back in the calendar this year, with dancing, then mourning. First comes Valentine’s Day, February … Continue reading

Be Like Jesus–Pray for Others

“You’re never more like Jesus than when you pray for others,” Max Lucado says in his new book Before Amen. When I read those words I thought, “Wow,” then paused and asked, “Do I really feel like Jesus when I … Continue reading

God in Times Square

I walk through Times Square all the time. Truth to tell, I walk through Times Square usually in a huge hurry to make a train and generally filled with irritation at some slow-moving, camera-wielding, rubber-necking tourist who is hogging the … Continue reading

The Praying Chair

Do you sit when you pray? Do you have a favorite chair? And why would one chair matter more than another, especially for prayer? It seems like tricky business when we link something material, like a chair, to something spiritual, … Continue reading

I’m Becoming My Dad

You expect the phone to ring any moment. Something happens and you can hear yourself saying the same phrase they did. You pull on a sweater and notice that it’s exactly the color they wore. You haven’t celebrated their birthday … Continue reading

An Unexpected Birthday Guest

Nobody should ever be turned away from a church. I’ve always said that and have believed it, but I had to put it in practice the other night. It was my birthday, and we had a party at church, upstairs … Continue reading

A Prayer Upon Turning 60

Dear God, every year always counts, but it feels they count even more now. Let me live every moment with love, kindness, understanding and your peace. I promise to give others more room, to see them as you see them, … Continue reading